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Well Done 4-Life

We do our pizzas well done by default.  This stems from when you bite down you get this crisp.  The cheese is chewier, and it holds the toppings better.  One of the many characteristics I love of my favorite pizza ever, mine.

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Lunch from the scratch

Lunch rush always I feel is challenging for most diners.  Doing a good buffet for lunch is difficult because your pizza after sitting out there is ok but not at its best.  You want the best representation of your heart in soul in that pizza so I’m deciding if I want to do this.

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Best easy recipes for dinner

Making dough is one of my favorite parts of the process.  The rising phase which mean I’m one step closer to rolling it out and layout out the ingredients to the canvas.

pizza os thin crust

How to make a good meal

Cheese pizzas are just for the kids.  I have many Indian and Muslim friends that just appreciate a plain cheese pizza and they don’t have to worry about their dietary restrictions.  I have to admit I still enjoy them as well.

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