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Chicago Pizza with Attitude

Dough Prep by hand for Pizza OS

Dough Prep by hand for Pizza OS.

Slicing Veggie Heaven Pizza OS

Slicing Veggie Heaven Pizza OS.

Spinach Mushroom Pizza OS

Spinach Mushroom Pizza OS.

Veggie Heaven Pizza OS

Veggie Heaven Pizza OS is something that gets requested a lot.

Cutting that Cheese

Let’s make some pizza
(Don’t be shy)
We’re making pizza
(Come and try!).

Restaurant Serves Free Pizza

A pizza place in California is serving free pizza, but there’s a snare — diners have to agree to lock their cell phones away while consuming their meal.

There’s no such thing as ‘bad food.’

The words we use matter. Our choice of language not only mirrors our current way of thinking, it also has the power to shape our attitudes and behaviors over time.

Sausage Not Made from Pork

When I first started on this journey I had given up hamburgers for Lent.

Half Pepperoni & Sausage

Playing with toppings is great but I love the classics. I also like to use other ingredients to make staples on pizzas.

Adding the 2nd Layer

Swirl Dough to the Pizza OS What can I say about such a fun project for my kids. What we did here is simply use food coloring in the dough and put a second layer of dough and cheese making this a double decker. Nothing here but it was fun.