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Sausage Not Made from Pork

Chicago Pizza with Attitude

Sausage Not Made from Pork

No Pork on pizza

Is this really a big deal?

What what’s the deal with pork? When I first started on this journey I had given up hamburgers for Lent. I was introduced to turkey burgers. It opened my mind that there were alternatives to ground meats and if spiced correctly it would taste just as good.

I had the same thought with pepperoni. What were the alternatives? I was never a ham guy and quite frankly the only pork products I eat are baby back ribs and crispy bacon. Therefore, I wanted to come up with turkey and beef versions fo sausage and pepperoni.

Its healthier than pork and I wanted to make sure that people who didn’t eat pork could try this pizza. All the Abrahamic religions dont allow for pork to be eaten so Jews, Christians and Muslims if they are devout and follow would’t be able to try the pizzas but now they can.

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